When you think of a brand, what comes to  mind? Coca-Cola, Nike, or Apple, perhaps? A brand is a name that, when you hear it, you immediately know what kind of product it is. The more trusted and well known of a product it is, the stronger the brand has become.

As writers, we can also be branded. Brands, in part, help others perceive us as experts for what we write. Why’s this so important?

Branding helps us build trust  in our readers. If you’re a mystery writer, you want to develop that brand in a unique way so your readers know exactly what to expect from you,  and so they trust you to deliver a particular style of mystery every time. By doing so, you will create a loyal following.

Think about what would happen if you popped opened a new can of Coke on Monday, and it tasted differently than it did last Friday. Thursday you opened a new can, and it was different still. You’d suddenly stop trusting the brand because it wasn’t consistently delivering. Remember the “new” Coke in the ’90s? That proved to be a disastrous move by Coca-Cola, nearly wrecking the brand they’d spent decades  solidifying. People didn’t want “new.” They wanted Coke to taste like it had since their childhood.

You may not be ready for branding yet. That’s okay. Better to  do it right the first time then have to change your brand or redefine it down the road.

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