I’d like to ask my readers to help me write this next post. I’ve been thinking about the tools, gadgets, and technology that help make our writing lives easier or somehow better, or will hopefully make us more successful. Whether it’s an old-school thesaurus or children’s word book that give you that perfect word right at your fingertips or something as high-tech as the new Vook that can enhance your presentation as an author.

What is it for you that you just can’t live without? What are you hoping to be able to make the most of to take your writing to new levels? Or, maybe…what would you like to see invented? (Aside from a clone of you who writes while you go to the beach!)

Your answers may be something directly related to you putting words on a page, something that helps you organize your time or your writing space, or something that helps you with the business side of writing. Anything that makes your writing life easier!

Please leave a comment and share your discoveries!