See who loves A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services!

The following excerpts are an abbreviated list of the many customers who have used and are smiling about the services of A Way With Words…

Writing Customers

“Over a ten year span, Renee Gray-Wilburn has consistently provided expert professional guidance, no matter what project of mine she worked on. In past years she has crafted resumes for each step of my career ladder, and when I decided to launch my own company, she helped me build a website for my business. I’ve been quite pleased with the website as it has drawn many positive comments and new customers. I have come to totally rely on Renee’s expertise and have the highest regard for her gifted ‘way with words’!” ~ Iggy N., Owner, Ignatius Nelson Water Consulting

“As an editor, I was really impressed by Renee’s teachable spirit and willingness to work with me on changes. She takes every comment to heart in order to improve her work. The lessons she wrote for our curriculum have been wonderful; in fact, some of the best I’ve seen. Her lessons always had great flow, creative and engaging activities, meaning and depth, and excellent probing questions.”  ~ Ali T., Curriculum Editor, Group Publishing

“Renee Gray-Wilburn is efficient as a writer, yet she does not sacrifice creativity. She is committed to excellence and provides her best on every project that comes her way.”    ~Rebecca S., Curriculum Project Manager, David C. Cook Publishers

“When my husband and I set out to write our first book, we met with Renee Gray-Wilburn, based on a friend’s recommendation. I was immediately impressed with her patience, kindness, and professionalism. I cannot say enough about her! She explained how long the writing and editing process would take and always stayed within the time frame set. She was always very prompt and exact. What I really appreciated about her is that if it was important to us, it was important to her. Renee has a gift of making everything sound just right on paper. She has a way of changing everything without changing anything! We will always be grateful for the experience and privilege of working with her on our project as well as getting to know her personally.”   ~ Angie B., author

“I have had the privilege of working with Renee Gray-Wilburn for the past eight years.  As the Director of Partner Relations for Andrew Wommack Ministries, which includes oversight of marketing and publications, I know how difficult it is to find great writers.  Not only is Renee a very good writer, but perhaps even more importantly, she is able to quickly discern the intent of the piece and the audience it will be reaching, and then adjusts her writing technique accordingly.  The only objection I have to writing this recommendation is that it might help create an even greater demand for her services and leave me looking for help.” ~ Jim E., Director, Partner Relations, Andrew Wommack Ministries

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did on Wildwood Forest VBS. Your writing was such high quality, and we really appreciate your creativity and attention to detail. Thanks for making Wildwood Forest such an awesome program for the kids!” ~ Rebekah L., VBS Editor, David C. Cook Publishers

“Many thanks for all your work on our programming guide. I love your writing style. It is exactly what we need to highlight and promote our programs.”  ~ Alistair G., God TV, UK

“Thank you for contributing your expertise and gifts in writing for our junior high curriculum. You had a huge part in creating this amazing product, and the lessons you wrote will go on to touch the lives of many.”  ~ Shawn V., Curriculum Editor, Group Publishing

Resume Design Customers

“Just wanted to say thanks for your fast turnaround and GREAT job on my resume. You really came through for me at a critical time during my job search. Everyone who has seen my resume has commented on its quality. I’ve already mentioned A Way With Words to several friends and will continue to recommend your company.”  ~ Jeff C., IT Executive

“Thank you so much for your help and assistance with my resume. Trying to find the right way to say what I wanted      was very frustrating. I am so relieved to have found A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services and even more pleased with the results. I feel I can now submit my resume with confidence and pride knowing that my skills and experience are accurately and eloquently described.”   ~ Amy W., Administrative Assistant

” I found you very easy to work with. You seemed to understand what I was trying to do, and it showed in the work you did. The fact that you were quick to respond to all my emails made this project a breeze. You are awesome, and I will certainly refer you whenever the chance arises.”  ~ Kelly C., Business Development Manager

“Renee Gray-Wilburn demonstrated superb professionalism and listening skills when we met to discuss my resume. As a result of working with A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services, I have obtained a new position. I am so happy with my resume and will recommend this company to everyone who needs a resume service.”  ~ Heather M., Retail Manager

“I have found A Way With Words to be invaluable in my quest for a new job. Renee Gray-Wilburn’s professionalism, cheerful attitude, and willingness to serve at a moment’s notice (I tend to procrastinate!) has been nothing short of remarkable. Renee aims to please–and delivers!”  ~ Craig O., Sales Manager

“I was really under the gun to get a resume out for a job I desperately wanted. I came to A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services, and Renee totally came through. Her work was fast and she did an awesome job on my resume. I can’t thank her enough for working within my tight deadline.”  ~ Maria S., Health Care Specialist

“Working with Renee on my resume was an easy and enjoyable experience. I really had no idea what to expect or how to construct a resume, but she walked me through her process step by step. What I appreciated most was her desire to see me satisfied with the end result–which I absolutely was! I highly recommend A Way With Words to anyone who wants a professional product with an easy-to-work-with style.”  ~ Josh C., Accounting Intern

“Renee Gray-Wilburn created a professional and unique resume that accurately highlighted my strengths, talents, and useful skills. Her descriptive choice of words enabled me to feel confident when I presented my resume to potential employers. I was very pleased with A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services and would absolutely recommend it to anyone in need of a resume.”  ~ Ruth L., Customer Service Rep

Editing Customers

“I was quite pleased with Renee’s editing skills, her suggestions for improvement on my manuscript, and the professionalism with which she conducted business. A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services has very competitive rates, and I believe it is worth every penny!”  ~ Julie M., novelist

“Renee, all I can say is ‘Bless you. You were just what I needed!’ I enjoyed working with you on my latest book immensely and would work with you again in a heartbeat. Thanks for all your help.”  ~ Stephen B., award-winning novelist and ghostwriter

“Thank you for all your hard work on this latest project. You did an outstanding job catching all sorts of inconsistencies, spelling errors and so forth on an extremely technical and difficult book–especially in the notes section! Our client was equally as impressed when I brought up some of the things you caught in their manuscript.”  ~Kathy M., Editor, NavPress Publishing

“Without hesitation, I am happy to endorse and recommend the professional services of A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services and Renee Gray-Wilburn. Her company delivers exceptional services in editing all types of documents. Renee has always processed our requests in record time and with great expertise. Anyone who hires her can rest assured that each document will be efficiently edited.”  ~ Gary C., National Pro Clean Corporation

“I have enjoyed and appreciated utilizing the services of A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services over the past few years. Our company is in a consistent mode of developing marketing materials, newsletters, website content, and much more that requires the help of an expert editor and proofreader. Renee Gray-Wilburn has met the challenge and has always helped us to look our best.”  ~ Robert R., President, Fundamental Fitness Products

“Thank you for all your hard work and diligence on the Message Bible Remix. Your skills as a proofreader are so very valuable to us.”  ~ Editing team, Message Bible, NavPress Publishing

“In the eight years I have worked with Renee Gray-Wilburn, she has been a tremendous asset to our team. She has come through for us as a phenomenal writer and copy editor.”  ~ David M., Publications Department Editing Supervisor, Andrew Wommack Ministries

Critique Customers

“I have really appreciated Renee Gray-Wilburn’s dedication and consistency in leading our picture book critique group.   Her thoughtful and inspirational comments on my work have led to improvement in the quality of my writing in many ways.”  ~ Jenni B., picture book author                  

“I recently hired Renee Gray-Wilburn of A Way With Words Writing and Editorial Services to offer a critique of a children’s story I’m writing and hoping to get published. I loved Renee’s professionalism, regular communication with me, and her reasonable rates. She gave me very constructive feedback concerning my characters, dialogue, and the story’s ending, which I’m still revising! She helped my story go from good to great, and for that I am very thankful!”    ~  Connie C., children’s author           

Instructional Customers

“Renee’s teleseminar for the Children’s Writers Coaching Club on ‘How to Make Readers Care’ was an amazing learning experience for me. I found it to be a very insightful and absorbing hour. She talked about creative openings–I had no idea there could be more than 50 ways to open your story! She also explained the many ways to develop characters, how to use visual tags, and much more. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to hear Renee Gray-Wilburn speak at a c0nference or seminar to do so. It will be time well spent.”  ~ Marge G., teleclass attendee and children’s writer

“We were so grateful to have Renee Gray-Wilburn visit our classroom for a presentation on properly constructing paragraphs for our ‘Writer in Every School’ program. The students were very impressed, and Renee has definitely inspired some of them to look into writing for magazines one day! I have seen improvements in their paragraph writing since Renee’s presentation.”  ~ Barbara T., 3rd grade teacher

“I recently participated in one of Renee Gray-Wilburn’s teleclasses on children’s writing. I learned so much about how to pull the reader into your story and then keep their attention. I was able to ask questions after the class, and Renee offered some very valuable feedback. I was inspired by the class and am looking forward to learning more from Renee in upcoming classes.”  ~ Kristi B., teleclass attendee and children’s writer

“Thank you, Renee, for a wonderful class on ‘How to Find and Use Primary Sources.’ You provided so much detailed information! This came at a perfect time for me as I’m embarking on an article that requires the use of primary sources.”   ~ Mayra C., writing workshop attendee

“I attended one of Renee Gray-Wilburn’s workshops at the Florida Christian Writers Conference and was really impressed with all I learned. I just finished writing my first romantic suspense book and it involves a memoir. One of the many nuggets I took away from Renee’s class was that ‘a memoir should weave in eternal truths and timeless values.’ I’m looking forward to attending more workshops with Renee in the future.”  ~Vern B., fiction writer